Walking the Path of Remembrance 

Nous: the first and purest emanation of the One, regarded as the self-contemplating order of the universe.

I am here to help you reach this state of being naturally nous with clarity for your unique path. Through reiki, guided meditation, physical body healing, clearing stuck energy patterns and being connected to nature. 

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Brandy Wood Adams

Cliff Notes Version: In childhood nature provided great adventure and I could be found near creeks, climbing trees, riding my bike on trails or just generally outside.  Not much changed as I grew older and my connection deepened to the mother we call Earth.  I have travelled all over the world to experience different cultures and natural environments.  The stories and synchronization of allowing source to guide me has brought inner peace.  The shadow work a necessary part of finding clear light.  My home base has been Virginia, currently nestled in a mountain cottage. 

A former endurance athlete much of my training was spent in the mountains.  Alone in the backcountry with hours to use moving meditation to listen.  My events would take anywhere from eleven to fifteen hours on a bike.  It was epic hard but rewarding from many levels. I was also actively involved  in service work to move cycling forward in my community.  I realized racing and race production had been to fill a void so spiritual in nature, I had to explore it. 

I came off the bike a number of years ago to go deep into the mystery studies. I received my Reiki attunements in 2018 and have worked with many teachers in sound and guided meditation healings on myself.  Having ignored the calling in 1998, the gifts remained ready to be released.  I have now been asked to step into my own healing abilities to share with others who want to start their journey.  Or dive deeper into a calling that already reached them.

I work with the elements and planetary energies infused through the pranic tube and chakra system.  Allowing higher selves to connect in the highest calling of the sessions.